Can “Green Girls” go Glam?

So you juice everyday (or at least attempt to), you can be found at the local farmers market, your wear sustainable fabrics, you work out and eat healthy. You are the type of girl that can be seen ferociously reading ingredient labels on everything from a loaf of bread to deep conditioner and body butters. Let’s face it you are a self proclaimedgreen girl.

However, when it’s time for the green girl to glam it up for either a “date night” or a night on the town with the girls, which make-up brand do you reach for to get the perfect red lip? Of course every girl wants a Ruby Woo in her arsenal, but as a consciously chic fasionista you are also aware of the toxins found in many popular beauty brands.

Many of us love natural & organic products, but when it comes to make-up, sometimes we are more into trend, then what goes on our skin.

Long gone are the days when “green” or “organic” meant boring and bland. Green girls are glamming it up and Eco-Chic beauty brands are definitely leading the glam-pack. And while, I know it’s easier to reach for the nearest drug store lipstick, it may not as hard as you think to find some great eco-friendly makeup brands that can make even the most skeptical glamazini take notice.

There are some awesome eco-chic cosmetic brands that can give you the fierce lip and awesome eye makeup you crave!

A few of my fave eco-chic makeup brands are:

Urban Decay: Vegan Makeup Palette: (Awesome eye colors)
The Lip Bar
Ginger & Liz (nail polish in trendy & classic colors)
Revolution Organics
Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics (Love their Lip Tar)

Even better, here are some great Blogs for all things Eco-Glam!

Organic Beauty Vixen
Organic Beauty Talk
Bare Beauty Blog

So, go forth and be glamorous!!!

What are some of your favorite natural/eco-friendly cosmetic brands?


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