About Us

Our Philosophy

At Skin Deep Natural Bodycare we believe that beautiful bodies deserve great body care products: we consciously hand-make our products with this philosophy in mind.

We believe in the healing and restorative properties of natural botanical oils to promote healthy skin growth and restoration. All of our products are completely natural and handmade, and we use ingredients like natural Avocado, Shea, Coconut and Olive oils to create products that moisturize and nourish the skin from the inside out.

We also believe that body care products should be decadent, lush and affordable. We want our customers to enjoy using Skin Deep Natural Bodycare products, and develop healthy skin and body care routines.

Our products contain No chemicals, dyes, PEGs, parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

Our products contain Lots of botanical oils, vitamins, nutrients, natural exfoliants, essential oil fragrances, patience and love.

~Be Good to your Skin


The Skin Deep Story

Skin Deep Natural Bodycare was developed with the mission to advance the importance of natural skin and body care as a part of a healthy lifestyle practice. Founder Dominique Covington is from Chicago, IL. Although she received her law degree in 2011, she has always had a passion to increase awareness about the benefits of natural, healthy, socially consciousness, and sustainable lifestyles.

From a young age Dominique suffered with eczema and extreme skin sensitivity. After changing her lifestyle to incorporate healthy eating and exercise habits, she still noticed that her skin conditions were not improving. After much trial and error with skin and body care products marketed for sensitive skin, she decided to create her own natural body care regimen, which consisted of natural and effective ingredients. After achieving personal success in relieving her skin issues, and armed with the knowledge that a complete healthy lifestyle consists of not only what is put into the body, but also what is put on the body; she decided to create Skin Deep Natural Bodycare in order to provide a healthier alternative when choosing body and skin care products.